Jiffi is world’s first hands-free ticketing system for passengers.

Board, validate and pay. Without doing anything.

How it works

You enter the vehicle


Jiffi app detects you're on board


You travel & you arrive


Jiffi bills automatically upon exit


Better route planning & smarter pricing

Superior user experience

For passengers, Jiffi improves the ticketing experience substantially – in fully automatic mode the validation works seamlessly without any user action needed.

  • Download an app and turn the Bluetooth on
  • Enter and save payment details
  • Jiffi detects your trips and takes care of the payment automatically

Powerful tool for route planning

Jiffi provides highly valuable check-out data that is crucial for adequate route planning, multimodal transfer management and flexible pricing based on customers’ actual needs.

  • Anonymized data about passenger’s trips from A to B to C
  • Demand based pricing based on routes, zones, distance etc.
  • Easy interoperability between regions
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